In the Südtirol Sellaronda HERO race, both our bodies and our mountain bikes are subjected to a massive strain. For several hours we and the bike will be a team that must trust each other. And so, we must ensure that we haven’t forgotten anything before tackling HERO, even at a mechanical level.
Bianchi technicians have compiled a guide of checks to carry out at the start of the season when we take our MTB out of winter hibernation, and also, most importantly, in the week before the race.

Let’s look at the check-list to print and check off.

And finally here are some reminders so that you don’t forget any small details, because these can make a difference at the HERO race.

  • Remember to carry one or more inner tubes with you
  • Carry at least one instant inflate and repair canister
  • A minipump can be useful, as well as a valve and CO2 canister set
  • Finally, a second water bottle to clean mud off the gears

Small things that may help you if any problems arise.



Bianchi is the owner and title sponsor of the Team Bianchi-i.idro Drain, the team in which Leonardo Paez, winner of the previous three races competes. The strong Columbian rider uses 1.7 bar pressure in the tyres of his Methanol SL, but he never forgets to carry one spare inner tube and an inflate and repair canister in the race.

Bianchi Bike-fitting. The first step towards your success.

Sometimes it’s a question of centimetres, or even millimetres. All riders know that having the correct riding position is essential, both for reaching maximum power when pedalling, and for avoiding pain due to unnatural positions. This is why, with a view to emulating our heroes, the Sellaronda HERO organisation has signed an agreement with Bianchi for an exclusive bike-fitting service for competitors in the 2015 races.

Two sales outlets, the Bianchi Concept Stores in Milan and Bergamo, have special equipment which, thanks to the work of the technicians of this legendary Italian cycling brand, gives athletes a personalised analysis of their riding position. At the end, the rider will receive valuable suggestions about the changes to make to his/her mountain bike, such as possible seat movements or a different handlebar position, instead of changing the pedal levers, so as to pedal more efficiently and gain when climbing, and also to handle descents more safely.

Thanks to the highly qualified staff at the Bianchi Concept Stores in Milan and Bergamo, you can use this innovative Bike Fitting system to identify your optimum riding position through static body measurement, set-up of your position on the biomechanical simulator and 3D dynamic analysis.

The equipment used by Bianchi is used by Team i.idro DRAIN-Bianchi technicians to determine their own athletes’ riding positions: Leonardo Paez, winner of three HERO races, chose his own bike-fitting in this way.

The riding position service provided by Bianchi costs 200 euro for the general public, but thanks to the agreement with the HERO organising committee, competitors in the 2015 races can benefit from this service for 100 euro, a 50% discount.

Bianchi BikeFitting and Bianchi Concept Store in Bergamo



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